I’m Ounassi Ali, the founder of Light Your Mind. I’m a normal guy with an ambition to live fully his life, and make his dreams a reality. I strive of greatness, and freedoom. Those are my core values.

In order to live my values I have to create something great. I have to be valuable to the world.

For this reason, I created  Light Your Mind. It’s a place to share with you different strategies and tools that helped me to make a difference in my life.

Also, by sharing and giving value to the world, it will helps me to expand my knowledge, live a better life, and fulfil my dreams.

There are a lot of topics to cover  : Time management, Hapiness, Productivity, Finances, Positivity and more.

I’m open for any suggestions or critics to help enhance my work and give the best that I can to share a high quality content, and be valuable to you.

Thank you for you support.


Ali Ounassi.




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