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In this blog post I’d like to answer this following question: What is the key to success in life?

What’s the one thing that separates successful people living an abundant life full of joy and grace, and unsuccessful people always living from pay check to pay check having hard time to do things that they really desire.

Well here’s the one thing: simply is our day to day choices.

The quality of lives is mainly affected by our day to day choices and decisions. Most of us are not aware by this proportional relation between our choices and the quality of our life.

So, in other words, to live rich and flourishing life equal smart and delightful decisions through a period of time, and vice versa if we make poor and irrational decisions.

The main reason why I want bring this up first is I see so many people are constantly complaining about how their lives suck, or complaining about the government or other people, but the problem lies in themselves, unfortunately, and they can’t even see it because of a low awareness state.

And it used to act like that in my life. I was always protesting about how the infrastructure, the economy, people are bad, and it drained my energy to a point I started to hate overly my life, because I irrationally wanted to control the externals to conform with a little view of world, so I can feel better.


What Is The Key To Success? What's the root cause of our life's outcome? What's the hidden secret that will make us living a happy and fullfiling life? Simpley the secret comes down to your choices.



This why I’m so passionate about self-help trying to spread out my voice and deliver something useful to people to get them out from this rut, and experience their true potential.

The only main reason why we end up sorrowing attitude towards our life or living with full abundance and prosperity is because if our choices that we’ve made in our past.

So it all comes down to series of choices and decisions that you make every single day.

When you go to a restaurant, in the menu you have a variety of choices, you’re free to choose a sandwich with fries or a salad. The choice is up to you, no one put the gun to you head to choose this crummy sandwich.

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This small example also applies to your big choices. Whether you buy a car on credit after you got a job, or put a small amount of money into an investment account, the choice is up to you!

Your decisions can either ruin your life or make it brighter.

Your choices emanate mainly from your beliefs, your habits, and your pattern of thinking that has been conditioned throughout your entire life. But we still have control on all of these components, but deciding to not being a victim, and take our life in your own hands.


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The famous life coach Tony Robbins, the first thing he begin with in his book Awaken the giant within, is that the decision is the pathway to power.

Our life is shaped until we begin to be aware of our choices and assessing the consequences of each one.

Our decisions are nothing than a set of actions that we do whether consciously or unconsciously throughout the day.

Remember, the moment we take a decision, your destiny is shaped.


What Is The Key To Success? What's the root cause of our life's outcome? What's the hidden secret that will make us living a happy and fullfiling life? Simpley the secret comes down to your choices. | success quotes | Productitivity quotes | Motivational quotes for success | Passion quotes | Motivational Quotes | Procrastination quotes | motivational quotes for life |procrastination quotes no excuses #success #quotes #inspirational #inspired



Darren Hardy, publisher of success magazine, and author of compound effect book, he talked about how insignificant day to day choices can stuck over time and produce big results.

And he added how easy to our life if integrate this concept of compound choices to change our life.

The problem as he said, when look for instant gratification and we tend to underestimate those small choices because there aren’t big enough.

But over time, they’re start to compound until they become this big giant mountain that’s impossible to tear down.

Keep in mind that you’re fully responsible of your own decisions. All things around you, you’ve created them through you small day to day decisions, whether your life is awesome or anxious.

Take ownership of everything you do in life, that’s the only way to get where you want to be, and turn around your life for the better.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope that helped you to shake a little bit your mind on the reality of the life you’re living right now, and know you’re only responsible of your life’s outcome.

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