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In this blog post, I’d like to share with you the power of decisions and its importance to create a successful life.

The worse trade that most of people in the planet are doing is they trading their time for the money.

Most people are caught up in a job that the majority hate and they are incapable to really get out from this rut.

We must admit that no one taught us the mechanisms that will lead us to financial freedom, because the school system is stagnant and not adaptable to life’s circumstances.

Our school system teaches us how to be an employee and be kind of slave to the corporate system and society’s expectations.


“Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” – Catherine PulsiferClick To Tweet


I think being aware of that is the first step towards the change. The attention must be put the right side of the equation which is looking for ways to get out from the system and go for the life that you desire.

Achieving what you want out of this life is possible if you believe is possible. Everything comes down to your belief and they level of intensity.

A lot of people assume that if you want to be successful in life you need to live in warm and perfect environment to make things happen. There’s a tiny portion of that to create success, if you take advantage of it and see as an opportunity to change your life.

But I see endless times, a lot of people living in good areas, having their health, nice family and their basic needs are met but they still stuck financially and they’re not able to take their life in their own hands.


Your entire life’s outcome is based on your small choices

 Keep in mind all successful people out there they are successful not because is they are lucky, or they did something heroic, their success is a result of their insignificant moment to moment choices over long period of time.

I believe hard as a rock that the one separator thing between success and failure is your decisions you’re making in your day to day life. The more you make good and smart decisions the more your life will blossom and get fulfilling.

In the other hand if you’re making the wrong and poor choices your life will be a nightmare.


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Also one prevalent component to a successful life is how perceive your work and what you’re doing with your living. Successful people see their work as a craft and they understand there is a dignity to all labor.

Most of this perception stems from a place of loving and deep caring of what they’re doing. Their focusing more on the process and they know by doing that the fruits will follow.

I think living a good life is possible for everyone, because we’re meant to live in that way. But having its going to cost you things that most are not willing to relent as: comfort, security, instant pleasure.


Why Faith has a direct impact on your decisions-making process?

Also why most are living a limiting life is because they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t have any faith that’s thing going turn around by having a determent devotion and work towards their dreams.

In the famous book think and grow rich by napoleon hill, he discussed in an entire chapter about the importance of having faith, and without it anything can work out for you in this world.


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In simple words, faith means that having a fervent conviction on your personal power that you’re going to achieve your aims no matter what.

How do you develop faith? Great question.

One great way you can develop and reinforce your emotion of faith is to repeat deliberately affirmations throughout the day by invoking emotions to give more power to the words.

Emotion is the fuel. If you’re just repeat your affirmations without any emotions, you will not see great results. Make sure you’re using your emotions when you’re saying your affirmations.

When you do that consistently with intense and vibrant emotions, you’ll be amazed how your life will be change.


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What you have faith on will affect your unconscious decisions. So it all comes down to your implicit pattern of thinking and your level of emotional faith to generate the results that you desire.

Speaking about thinking, how you think and represent things your mind impacts drastically how you feel and thus your outcomes.

Whether you’re having a positive or a negative outlook towards your life, it all starts with the meaning you’re associating to the external events. Remember the events that shape your feelings is the meaning you’re giving to the events, not the event itself.

The person who is positive, the reason of that is because they mastered the meaning that they’re giving to each events in their life especially the bad ones. In Programming Neuro linginstique programming reframing.

Learning to cultivate a positive thinking is a foundational component to live a joyful and great life.



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