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In this article, I’d like to share with you 10 practical ways to live a happier life.

Most of us have this thinking that happiness is about having, a big house, fancy cars, and a lot of money. It can be for some part, but it’s not the big picture of happiness.

Linking your entire happiness with materialistic things will make you dependent, and be kind of slave to them. You will have some rush by owning them, but how long it’s going to last?

Yes, I truly believe money brings happiness, but it brings a short term pleasure.

It can enhance your life satisfaction in so many ways, and solve a lot of life problems as well, but there are also small things that count too and we don’t pay attention to that are more important than money to find a lasting happiness

So in this article I’ll share 10 easy, simple and practical ways to find happiness in your life:





1.Be Generous to others

One of the ultimate happiness boosters is to be generous to other people even in small ways.

You can hold the door for a stranger, smile to someone in the street.

When you do something great to others, you make them feel better, and the same thing goes for you. It’s a win a win game.

2.Accept others how they are.

Accepting others will liberate you from a huge burden on your shoulders, which will help you to create a better connection with them.

It’s just how we perceive things. What you can do instead, is to shift your point of view and start looking for the positive traits in each person.

It could be their great sense of style, they are always on time, or simply they always make you laugh when you need it.

Be sure to tell them that!

3.Cut out negative people in your life.

People around you could be a source of negativity in your life sabotaging your happiness.

Be aware of that. Think about your friends, co-workers, even your family that are always complaining, or tearing you down whenever you are with their company, and try to distance yourself from them as often as possible.

They might behave unconsciously in that way, but make sure that you don’t act offensively towards them.

Find new positive and like-minded friends that are supportive, honest, kind, they want good things for you, and the most important of all is they love you.

4.Eliminate negative media in your life.

It could be the news on TV, the newspaper, some magazine or type of music, type of books or blogs or websites.

Replace that time and find new energy and inspiration from one or more positive sources like inspiring movies and books, or listen to uplifting musics.


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5.Wake up early

 The best time to find peace and calmness is the early morning. It’s the common habit among all successful and happy people.

It’s the best moment where you can reconnect with yourself by doing some relaxation exercises like meditation, or yoga which will increase dramatically your awareness, and help you be happier.

You can use this time to do some positive routines that will give you all the fuel you need to tackle the day, and be more productive.

6.Do something new.

Listen to a new music’s style, read a book, try a new dish, go to a new place. The goal is to go into something unusual.

Also it’s a way to expand your comfort zone, and find new opportunities in your life.

Cultivating this habit in a regular basis will help to get away from those scary barriers in your head, and reach your full potential.





7.Be kind to yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake, or you failed in something.

Instead, be kind, and nudge thoughtfully yourself to see what you can learn from what happened, and immediately look for the solution.




8. Let go your past.

Dwelling on bad things that happened in your past like clinging on an old conflict, or thinking why this person acted wrongly to me, can be a huge time and energy consuming.

What happened is happened, and we can’t change it. Repeating those past events in your mind will make a prisoner of them, and it’s going to be hard to push them away as long as you keep indulging them.

So, acceptance is the only key way to free yourself from your past.

By letting go your past memories, and focusing in the present moment, you’ll start to decrease the hold of those memories has over you, and revive this calmness within you.

The best way to overcome that is through journaling. So take a pen and peace of paper and write out all those obsessing memories with every detail. By doing it for just 5 days you’ll start to notice the difference.

9. Learn how to say NO.

Learn how to say no when it needed, set boundaries, and don’t be someone that everyone can walk all over.

For sure, you can explain the reasons why you said “NO”, but always keep in mind that there are some people are not comprehensive.

Be OK with it, move yourself from getting drawn into their conflicts and move on to another thing. There are more fun and good things to spend time on in your life.

10.Acknowledge yourself.

One of the things that a lot of people miss doing in their lives is appreciating themselves.

Appreciation it’s powerful. It comes from a place where you point out all your wins, your successes, your achievements, reminding yourself you’re true power, and what you are capable for.

Whenever your feel doubting yourself, pick your phone or grab a piece of paper and write down at least 3 things that you’re proud of the most in your life, and recall all the feelings that experienced when achieving that.


Those are my 10 practical ways to live a happier life. 

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope that I inspired you to draw positive vibes in your life, and live it to the fullest.

Feel free to share this blog with your friends and people that you love.


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The most simple things can bring the most happiness. – Izabella Scorupco Click To Tweet

The most simple things can bring the most happiness. - Izabella Scorupco | Happiness Quotes

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Do You Want To Be Happy And Positive Every Single Day?

Download this FREE eBook and learn:
1. The health benefit of positive thinking.
2.How to formulate your thougths in a positive way.
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