How To Stop Making Excuses And Be More Productive



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In this article I’d like to share with you how to stop making excuses and achieve your desirable results.

We all make excuses. Our mind is biologically wired to make excuses to protect us, and keep us safe.

But the biggest problem that are lot of us relate to is making excuses all the time giving some sort of justification to not do this or that task.


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The main core and fundamental reason behind that is because people are operating in auto pilot mode, living at the mercy of their mind.

Your mind can be your greatest friend if you know how to control it and worse enemy if you let it take the wheel of your life.



It all starts by your awareness to those excuses. Paying attention to them is the first steps to begin with if you want to conquer them and take your life in your own hand.

We’re going to cover that later on by showing you a step by step process to stripe out those excuses so you can know how to trick them.

So without being said, first I’m going to share with you the reason why we make excuses, to know what are your motives behind them, then the formula to outdo them.



Why we make excuses

You need know that those excuses come in a form of feelings. Only the emotions what make your limiting beliefs or any thoughts you have real and powerful.

As tony Robbins stated in his book Awaken the Giant Within: “Master your emotions, master your life


6 Simple Steps To Master Your Emotions


So here are the main raisons why we tend to make excuses most of the time:


Fear and doubts

That’s the ultimate of all.  Most of the excuses that we make stems from an underlying feeling of fear and doubts.

But fear is just a tool that our mind uses to keep us in the safe zone. Fear it’s not real, it’s a fake emotion appearing real.

So the only way to conquer your worries and your fears is to develop a habit of courage by facing those fears.



My philosophy to surmount them is: “Kill the monster while it’s little” Don’t let fear in any way to grow by denying it, take action right away on whatever fears you.

To overcome your fears, I wrote an entire blog post detailing the subject and giving some helpful insights to conquer them:


How to Overcome Fear and Be Brave



Comparison can be a good thing to get positive results if it inspires us, but a lot of people use it against themselves especially in this digital age.

In this case all they’re doing is they unconsciously building mental walls around what they really want, by seeing themselves inferior, and this really smash their self-esteem.

From this perspective, they start making all kind of excuses that their goals are unachievable, so they throw the towel.

My advice for you is to avoid this trap of self-sabotaging, only compare yourself to yourself, and use comparison for inspirational purposes.



Many people out there gave the excuse of not doing their urgent stuff because they need motivation, and they run out of it. It’s just a bullshit.

Listen, motivation is just trick that your mind plays around it to keep you  out of track, and not making anything that will change something in your life.

I pointed out several times in my articles, that motivation is garbage. It’s a fickle energy that is quickly depleting. I even don’t talk about it.

So throw this excuse away of not having enough motivation to start. Don’t buy into that, and make shit happen.


10 Best Ways To Stop Making Excuses And Find Your Spark In Life


I hope you’re identified your excuses and you owned them, because if you didn’t, probably the chance is very slim to stop making them.

So let’s dive into the 10 ways to stop making excuses and unleash your potential:


1.Take full responsibility of your life

Honestly, one major thing that wreck people’s lives is they act as a victim of everything that happened to them.

They point their fingers at others, whining all the time, and having this mindset it’s not going to take you anywhere my friend.

Stop complaining about the weather, or the economy, and remember no matter how you try, all of that will never change because it’s out of your control.


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All you’re doing when you complain, you’re taking your power of change.

Introspect yourself, and ingrain somewhere in your mind that the only thing within my control is the internal world, and by inflecting my attention into it, everything will change for me.

I see all around me, from my family members to my coworkers, all they complaining about the same things, and they reinforcing the same negative patterns around that.

If you want to have an amazing life, quit blaming your externals, and start taking full responsibility of your own action.


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2.Compare yourself to yourself

In this social media age, we are constantly bombarded by different content of other people’s life, how they look, how they dress, how much money they make, and  get easily derailed by trying to be like them.

Everyone is unique. No matter how you try to be like someone, it will never happen, because each individual is authentic.

The only way to success is to compare your current self to where you were and acknowledge the progress you’ve made.


It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. – Theodore RooseveltClick To Tweet


In many occasions, honestly I felt in this trap of comparing myself to my mentor Stefan James ( Project Life Mastery) or Tai Lopez (Knowledge Society), but I can’t tell you how much it’s overwhelming, and the worst thing is I started to feel like reaching success is impossible.

So wherever the goals you have, stop comparing yourself to others how they live, the car they have, or any of that stuff, and focus only yourself. It’s so freeing.




3.Invest in yourself

One of the main reasons why we make dull excuses is we don’t believe in ourselves, and we have low expectation of what we’re capable of.

The key point to take on those excuses and get rid of them is growing and stretching your mind and feeding it by empowering information.

We all are influenced by the things that we learn. You can read books, watch self-help YouTube video, buy courses on building an iron self-esteem for example, the information is everywhere.


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4.Nurture a positive thinking

Making excuses can also stem from a place of scarcity and fear of disappointment or failure.

What’s really fuel those nagging thoughts is the negative approach of the life we’re living.

To strip out those mind weeds is to plant powerful and radiant seeds by cultivating a positive view of the world.

The key is to replace your irritating thoughts and feelings by empowering ones, and that’s the trick.

As the new seeds grow, they become dominating in your mind, and all actions get automatically directed by them leading to high achievements.


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5.You’re not here to be perfect

One thing that evades most people, and don’t act on their dreams is they have a perfectionism mentality.

And what all really is the fear of don’t fit in with the community and the dread of other’s judgements.

I believe hard as a rock, that we’re in this beautiful planet to grow and improve ourselves, and not to be perfect.

This perfectionism thing is just the voice of your ego trying to stop you from achieving your full potential.


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This is why I decided to let go this need of perfectionism and start my brand, to inspire millions of people and leave a legacy in this world, despite all the limitation that I have like my decent English, or I’m living in African country, or lack of money.



The moment you’re making an excuse, you’re setting yourself down to fail.

Don’t buy into your perfectionism excuses, and go out start taking action.


6.Visualize your dreams.

Imagination is the highest faculty that all humans have, but unfortunately we’re using against us by imagining the things we don’t want.

Imagination is the miraculous tool that allows us to turn the invisible into the visible.

When you start visualizing your dreams with your mind’s eye, and you use all your sensors to make this mental scenery real, your mind will begin to manifest those things in life.

It sharpens your mind, you get more clarity and depth on your aims, and place from this place it’s very easy to fulfil them.


7.Making excuses it’s just a habit and it can be changed

As I said above in the introduction, a lot of people are not mindful about their life running constantly in auto pilot mode.

From this stand point, it’s very easy to pick up other people’s energy and also their habits.


When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try one more time. – UnknownClick To Tweet


So we start to conform to others by making excuses because everyone is doing it.

I’m here to tell you that anything can be changed even your worst habits, because I believe fervently we’re not fixed humans.

My call to action is to learn how habits work, the psychological roadmap behind it, and how you can change them effectively.


To help you with that, because I know how it’s important, I bundled together in the FREE book some of the cutting edge tactics and practical knowledge on the functionalities of our habits to uproot the unhealthy ones and install empowering ones.


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8.Cultivate a growth mindset

In my experience, one of the greatest cures of all mental diseases is nurturing a growth mindset.

I can’t tell how my life started to change in all its facets by developing myself and becoming more.

This mental switch of always getting better, and stretching myself, I started to see anything possible. Because of that I started to take smart and calculated decisions with the intention to level up my overall life.


Watch the video bellow how to cultivate a growth mindset



Before I start growing and developping myself, I was hopeless, living in scarcity, making excuses all the time, I was in a hole, because of the fixed mindset that I had.

I invite you from the bottom of my heart to learn the difference between the growth mindset and the fixed mindset to know what it takes to create a happier and fulfilling life.


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9.Focus on your strengths

To turn your excuses around is put your full attention on your strengths.

Because most the excuses that we make are related to our self and a lake of our abilities to make something happen.

To turn this channel of self-sabotaging, direct your mind on your strengths and your skills you’ve developed through your past years.


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Grab a pen and piece of paper, list out at least 5 strengths that you’re proud of. In the process invoke your emotions to give them more spark in your hearth.

You’ll be amazed how easily those excuses will be gone, and you’ll start to be more vibrant and ready to rock.


10.Stop blaming and complaining  

It’s easy to blame and point fingers at others, isn’t? This is what the majority do to protect themselves in this bubble of excuses.

We throw excuses like:

  • I’m not getting traffic because of YouTube or Pinterest algorithms
  • I didn’t get a raise because of the injustice of my boss
  • I get late to my office because of the traffic
  • And on and on…

Just by writing those excuses, they made me feel down a little bit. J

The moment you’re making an excuse you’re taking away your power of change.

What’s about the bad, undesirable things that happen to us?

 Well, my personal answer to that, I believe that we can’t escape to these things in life, but we still responsible to the way how we respond to them.

 Quit pointing fingers on others, take full responsibility of your action, if you want to move the needle of self-change forward.



Final thought

These are my 10 ways to stop making excuses to unleash your potential and start living a magnificent life.

Keep in mind that the only one who can surmount those barriers is yourself, don’t except anyone to do it for you.

Also don’t seek external approvals from others to know that you’re in your way, have a determent belief in yourself to get quick and tangible results.

Introspect yourself, see yourself where you’re at with your excuses, pick one or two tips, and focus on them.


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