Learn 3 simple ways to love yourself. Practice these exercices daily to start reframing your thoughts and strengthen the relationship with yourself. | how to love youreslf tips | how to love youreslf tips Motivation | how to love youreslf Quotes



In this short blog post, I’d like to share with you perhaps one of the most important thing that you have to do to manifest anything you want ishow to love yourself and care more about yourself.

As you probably noticed in your environment or with yourself, we’re constantly beating ourselves up when something turned wrong, or it didn’t show up at the time we wanted.

We start to act with anger, and irritation, which eventually lead to more stress, and frustration.

Treating ourselves like that make us feeling unworthy living this life, because we are not showing any love to it, and that’s where all the troubles come from.


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So loving yourself comes from a place of reverence of life. You need to have a sense of joy, and enthusiasm that you’re alive, and this is how love starts to flood in your body.

When you love yourself for who you really are, and keep this spark inside of your hearth, this where you unfold your true potential.


Learn 3 simple ways to love yourself. Practice these exercices daily to start reframing your thoughts and strengthen the relationship with yourself. | how to love youreslf tips | how to love youreslf tips Motivation | how to love youreslf Quotes

How to love myself?

Without being said, I’m going to share with you 3 takeaways to find your spark and love yourself more:


1.Have a plain vision of yourself

Being clear of the type of person you want to be is a prevalent step in the route of loving yourself.

One thing that make us feeling undeserving in this life, is we lie to ourselves, and that can really harm your love towards yourself.

We find many people do this, even us as well, for example we are claiming that we’re eating healthy, but we eat junk foods 3 times a day. This discrepancy creates this tension in ourselves, so we lose this inner trust, and we start to act badly towards life.





The golden rule is you need to make sure that your values and behaviors are aligned with the vision of yourself, very important.

So, invite you to ask those pivotal questions: How I want to be as a person in this world? What I need to do to go to the next level?

What I want you to do to start aiming your behaviors and beliefs pattern to be the kind of person you want to be in future, and when you do what you believe on, you’ll start to treat yourself better, and this where love stems from.



2.Acknowledge your wins

As I outlined above, you need to shift your actions, your beliefs towards the person you want to become in the future.

We need a little bit of attention while working on something to feel important and significant, that’s where people get stuck. The reality is no one will do it for you.

Acknowledgement must start by you. Only you who can give credit for your work, and your accomplishments. There’s no external person or reward or a fancy car, or something like that will help you loving yourself.

It all comes down on what you focus on.

I think the reason number one why we feel unworthy is we put our attention on what’s missing, and we are constantly chasing the externals believing that they will complete us.

So nurturing a positive view towards all your events happening in your life is the key to build that muscle of perceiving the good, which is ultimately will help you to acknowledge your wins.


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The same thing goes when we go through hardships. People who have kind of strength to overcome the barriers because they still had a belief that things are going to get better.

When they outdo that, they celebrate their victory, so their self-esteem gets soaring, and they start loving themselves more.


3.Notice your choices, and your actions.

Notice the small things that you do, and maybe a lot of people don’t do can really empower the relationship with yourself.

Also one thing can really blow up your inner love is noticing the things that you don’t do, and give yourself a little bit of self-respect, because usually that’s the toughest part.

If you’re with your family, and they talking about how the world is unfair, and you kept a positive edge, notice it, and celebrate it.


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