5 essential time management tips that will enhance your life. Apply those tips in your life to start being more productive and get things done in less time.


In this article, I want to share with you 5 essential time management tips that will improve your life.

Time is the most valuable asset that we all have. Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day. Depending on how you use it will determine whether you are successful or not.

Getting things done, being productive it’s just an outcome of how we manage our time.

Using the proper tools and stick to them going to lead to high effective time management which result on achieving your looming tasks.

So that’s the core subject of this article which is 5 essential time management tips to be able to get thigns done in less time.

1.Track your time

 The main goal behind tracking your time is knowing where you spend most of your time.

In other word, it gives you awareness of the most things that you do every single day.

Tracking your time can be a way for you to know if there is discrepancy between how you think you spend your time, and how you really spend it.

The result of that it will give you an idea of the things that steal most of your time so you can know where to make the adjustments.

2.Block out distractions

 Know It’s time to cut out distractions.

Once you figured out the distractive and time consuming tasks, know it’s very easy to come up with the solution.

3.Schedule your tasks

A to-do-list can be a great tool to stay organized and focused, but how about having a non-ending tasks in your to-do list?

Time blocking is the ultimate strategy to well up your productivity level, stay focused on your looming tasks. So how it works?

First write your most important tasks that will pull you up towards your goals. Take your favorite calendar and schedule those tasks from the time A to the time B.

Block this time for just working on one single task.



4.One task at a time

Many of us think multitasking is very helpful to achieve quickly plenty of tasks. Wrong approach.

Doing a lot of hings at a time end up by dividing your attention, what’s happen is you start by using more of your brain willpower by switching to one task to another.

Also, I found grouping your similar tasks is a smart way to work on multiple tasks without losing your attention.

For instance, if you have your writing tasks, fall them together into a block time.

Want to engage with your audience? Cool, group the tasks(answering emails, repond to customers,..) together in another block time.

5.Learn to say “No” to others

Saying No to someone’s favor will save your workout plan in a huge way, but it has to be followed by some raisons why you declined people’s request.

Saying “YES” to everyone will disrupt your focus on your goal tasks, so you are less likely to hit those goals.


So that was my 5 essential time management tips. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope it gives you some vaulable information to be more productive n your journey.

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