I want to share with you 5 simple habits to stay in the present moment that you can easily cultivate to improve your focus and get things done efficiently.



I would like to share with you 5 simple habits to stay in the present moment.  Staying in the present moment can be a challenging thing for some of us.

Our brain is wired naturally to live in the past by dwelling some negative situations that happened to us, or getting lost in the future by wishing, dreaming or building scary mountains in our mind.

Spending your days in the future or the past will negatively impact your happiness. Furthermore, it disturbs also your focus and your ability to stay concentrated in your tasks which can leads to procrastination, and overwhelming.

But the good news is it is possible to rewire your brain and train it to live in the present moment.

So ready to learn how to stay in the present moment? Implement one of the 5 simple habits bellow and you can see immediately the difference.



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1.Focus on one task at a time

Many books and articles over the internet talk about the importance of doing one single task at a time, so you can raise your focus, and get your work done effectively.

By focusing my energy on one task, I noticed in a couple of days, I became more present, and my productivity level was dramatically increased.

To help you do so, before you begin working on your task, shut off your smartphone, or turn it in a plan mode, set a timer for 25 minutes, and write down in a piece of paper what you are going to focus on.

Multitasking can be also a source of stress, and overwhelming. There is no doubt about it. The better alternative to avoid multitasking is set off a specific time for task throughout the day.


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2.Relax your mind before doing your task

This is a big one. It made a huge difference on my ability to be fully engaged on the task.

Before you start working on your task, put yourself into a state of relaxation. You can meditate for 5 minutes to calm down your brain, and find some joy and stillness to tackle your important tasks.

To stay in a state of calmness while working on your task, do it slowly. Yes, it will take much longer to achieve your task, but in the other side, you will decrease highly your cortisol level, the stress hormone, as result, more focus on the present moment which leads to a high quality of work.

3.Avoid distractive things early in the day

The way how you start your day it’s going to determine how you’ll finish it.

Checking your e-mail inbox, or scrolling your Facebook feed early in the morning it’s not going to serve you well to stay focused throughout the day, why?

Because you begin your day by being reactive to a lot of external demands that will fire up your brain, so your focus will spread out too quickly and you’ll find yourself drifting away easily to the past or to the future.





What you can do instead is overriding those kind of habits by something that will ignite your energy, and makes you feel good, so you can tackle your day stronger.

You can do for example, start by meditating for just one minutes after brushing your teeth, or reading just one paragraph of something positive.


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4.The power of “I am”

 When you do something that don’t require any attention, you brain is working in automatic mode, and you’ll notice your thoughts deliberately bouncing in all direction.

So the best way to draw your brain back in the present moment is to remind yourself by saying “I am doing this….”. For example, when you are brushing your teeth, and you find yourself dwelling on something negative, say “I’m brushing my teeth now”.





5.Say no and reconnect with present moment

As I said above our brain is a distraction machine. I know, often times it though to deal with all those negative thoughts, and emotions that are happening to you without your control.

But, implementing those 5 tips above it’s a big start to be in the here and now.

Another powerful tip that can draw back instantly your mind in the present moment is just saying no. It might seem something weird in the beginning, but trust me it works.

After saying no, then follow that up by focusing on your breath right away, or you can focus on all your senses for one minute.


I want to share with you 5 simple habits to stay in the present moment that you can easily cultivate to improve your focus and get things done efficiently.


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