In this article I’d like to share with you 10 Mind Blowing facts about the human brain.

Our brain is the central component in your body, and it has major role of all functions of your body.

Understanding a how your brain works is highly important, because that’s part we use to behave, to act, to think, and do what we do in a daily basis.

In my opinion learning it will help to take a huge edge over your brain, but mainly be the boss of it.

This article I’m going to make plain, and simple, meaning no fancy words. Just to have a kind of superficial understanding how it works, and know it functions.

But first, before we dive into the facts about the human brain, let’s demystify some of the big functions of our brain. So as an introduction, we’re going to talk about:



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Left Side VS The Right Side Of Your Brain

Your brain is composed of two brains or hemispheres: The left brain, and right brain.

Two hemispheres are connected by a bunch of nerves fibers called: corpus collasum.

The more the corpus collasum is thicker and stronger, the more rapid the connection between the 2 hemispheres.

The role of your left brain everything around calculation, language, thinking, logic, but the other hand, the right brain plays a major role on everything what’s visual, spatial skills, and creative.

Your left side your brain controls the right part of your brain, and vice-versa.

Here are the 10 facts about the human brain that will blow your mind


15 Mind Blowing Facts About The Human Brain That Will Blow Your Mind


10 intresting facts about the human brain that will blow your mind! Learn these 10 facts about the brain to know how it works. | 15 Interesting Facts About the Human Brain | Brainology - some interesting facts you didnt know about your brain | brain psychology | brain psychology mental health | brain facts | brain science



Fact #1: Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen in your body.

Meaning 20% of the oxygen inhaled consciously or uncsonipouly goes to your brain. So, our brain is greedy in terms of resources, that why optimized your breathing is a critical for better cognitive performance, and longevity of the brain cell’s.

Fact #2: Our brain generates between 10 to 23 watts depending on the brain waves state you’re in, enough to light up a lightbulb.

Fact #3: The information travels at 268 miles per hour.

Fact #4: The human brain is the fattest organ in your brain, which contains 60% of fat.

Fact #5: Your brain has over 100 billion of neurons connected each other by neural transmetos called synapses.

Fact #6: The adult’s brain weighs 1.5 Kg (3 pounds)

Fact #7: Your brain has an equivalent of 2.500.000 Gb of storage.

Fact #8: Our brain picks the primary choice on records. Studies show when individuals are given a rundown of alternatives they are destined to pick whatever is first.

Fact #9: Around 75% of human cerebrum is made of water, if water is sent into mind from an outside source, it won’t endure.




Fact #10: The brain doesn’t have any pain receptors. When you cut your hand the brain itself don’t process the pain, but the vessels, the tissue, the blood that receipt the pain, and send it to the brain to process.

Fact #11: When we are sleeping, the brain works even harder when you’re awake the keep the heart, immune system functional.

Fact #12: Our brain never catches what we see in a form of a video. It only takes snapshots of the most important thing that happened.

Fact #13: Our doesn’t make any difference between what’s imagery or what’s real. When you think about something, and your picture your brain sees it as a real; and create the chemical reactions in your body as if it’s real.

 Fact #14: A new brain connection is created, every time a memory is formed.

Fact #15: The only time when everting that learned is arranged, and reinforced is when you sleep.


What’s the point of learning about these facts of the brain?

Some of you may ask: What’s the point of all this? My answer to this question is this…

I’m a big believer that when you know something how it works, you use it better, and effectively.

I believe that if everyone know how the brain works, most of the mental issues that a lot of people have will disappear, and more so you’ll make your brain your slave, not your master, because it’s a bad one.

For me, just knowing these facts, even they aren’t a lot, gave me the appetite of learning more about it, and also know the best practices to optimize his efficiency, and increase my well-being.

What about you?….


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