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In this article I’d like to share with you 7 powerful habits to feel better after a bad day

We all get upset, angry sometimes throughout the day, and that it’s completely normal.

It’s human nature to feel down, even unhappy, sometimes  but I think that’s what give life its authentic charm, by going through ups and downs moments.

If everything was perfect, and you’re feeling always happy, you get bored of happiness and you’ll not valuate so much.

When you’re in emotional turmoil for example you’ll do what’s necessary to get back those happy feelings that you’ve had, and this is how you’ll valuate.

But sometimes we don’t know to get out this low emotional state, and we keep indulging in the negative stuff that happened to us.


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It’s something that I struggled a lot with, so I started learning what I possibly can on how to turn around my negative feelings, and don’t let them ruin my entire day.

After a little bit research and experience with different habits, I found those 7 habits was a perfect fit for me, and help me to tackle on those nagging emotions when I have a stressful and a busy day.

Honestly I don’t do them all at the same time, but I think you need to have a variety of habits to avoid boredom, and maybe use each habits for a specific emotional state.


 7 Powerful Habits To Feel Better After a Bad Day


Before you start reading those 7 habits, I want to let you know that having results does take time, but if you’re commit to one of these habits you’ll be able to turn around any nagging emotion.

So let’s jump into the 7 habits so you can feel better after a bad day:



I purposely choose it as a first habit, because of the great and fast benefit that you can get yo your mind and your body by doing a deep breath.

When you get irritated by something, your oxygen level in your brain drops, you’re breathing becomes shallow, and you start to act poorly towards yourself and other people.

To get yourself back in the exaltation state, breathing is the natural cure.

Recognize yourself you’re in a bad mood, go to a calm place and start breathing in and breathing out from your bully for 5 minutes.

The more you breathe, the more your mind will become clear, and peaceful.



This one is my favorite. Smiling is powerful because it helps to dissolve the negativity that you’ve accumulated throughout the day in a minute or less.

Even if it’s a fake one, it works. Our brain doesn’t distinguish between what’s real or not. Just by moving your facial expression, the brain releases different chemicals to feel happy and joyful

It’s a habit that I incorporated in my routine ritual as a first thing I do when I wake up, and helping me to embrace the day with joy and gratitude.


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3.Move your body

Also one thing you can do is to move your body. A lot of studies has shown the positive impact of exerscing in your mood and your emotional state.

If you’re not a gym person, you can just move your body for one or two minutes, or you can take a brisk walk in your neighborhood.

When you’re exercising put some good music to help you add some emotional intensity to elevate much faster the stress and the anxiety.

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Writing physically down your thoughts on paper has been proved by different studies to dispel all the negative feelings that are associated to these thoughts.


One of the reason why get drilled and we freak out easily when a problem occurs is because we didn’t express our worries, and negative emotions in past situations


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So carry a small note book with you, and whenever you feel anxious, or angry about something or someone write it down immediately before it becomes this huge monster hard to beat later.


5.Listen to a soft and relaxing music

Listening to a soft music is also a great way to calm down your busy brain, and install powerful emotions in your body.

There a millions of soft music in Youtub you can download.

Download your favorite one, and put in your phone so you can listen it whenever you feel down.


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I like also to listen to relaxing music when I mediate in the morning, because it helps me to emphasize the experience and get the most out of it.

So if you’re a big  fun of morning ritual, you can add it in the list or combine with a other habit to maximize its benefit.


6.Go to nature or a park

Something I do every single day, because it helps me to gain more clarity and recharge my batteries.

The ultimate cure for the stress and anxiety disorders is to go out and spend some time in nature.

Try to integrate this habit in your daily routines if you want to get the maximum results.



Reading is also a powerful habit to break this emotional turmoil and shift your focus in something can bring clarity to your brain.


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Maybe you’re asking what I should read to get myself out from this negative state?

The best thing you can do is to read self-help books.  Reading self-books has two advantages:

  • As I said when you’re reading something positive and instructional will break the pattern of negative thinking.
  • Secondly, when you’re reading a self-help book you’re planting positive seeds in your mind that will make you mentally strong and surmounting your negative emotions are going to be easy.


Final thought

These are my 7 habits that I do daily to feel better and enhance my mood If a have a bad day or a stressful moment.

Remember the key to build a successful habit is to start small and increase it with slow increments as time goes on.

Also you need to show patience in the process and don’t try to crash hardly on your habit even if you’re not seeing any results.

Consistency is key to develop a lasting habit for the rest of your days.


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