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Positive Thinking eBook

Living a positive life is a right of everybody. In this modern age most people aren't positive, and happy, unfortunatly. That's why I created this ebook!  because I was unhappy too!

So, I decided to learn how to be positive, happy, and what happy, successful, giving people do, and packed it up in this ebook!

In a nuthsell, this ebook is designed to make you happy, positive as a person so you can tape into your full potential.


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What You'll Find In The FREE eBook

Chapter 1:How optimists think

What matter the most is how we perceive things, not only what we perceive. The meaning that we give to our life make us saying that we find it satisfying, and happy, or, on the contrary, unsatisfying and unhappy. The optimists have a special view to themselves and the world that differs from pessimists...

Chapter 2Why positive thinking makes us happier

Optimism produce positive effects in the body and the mind. The confidence and the openness to life are not only a pledge of happiness and the joy of living, but also for health. In other word, optimism makes your happier, and healthier.....

Chapter 3How your language influences your thinking

Our inner world that exists in our head is fed by our language. Each word influences our emotions. Saying a simple phrase like “Everything doesn’t work for me” colors negatively your emotional state....

Chapter 4The roadblocks of positive thinking

It's hard to stay constantly optimist during the course of life. Many habits can be set unconsciously and hinder our optimism that came mainly from external influences.... 

Chapter 5Practical ways to think positively 

Know it’s time to practice your positive thinking and act with optimism.

So, the first thing is always keep in mind the principals of positive thinking, which are:

  • Today is the first day of my optimistic life.
  • From today, I decided to not dwell on my past or be guided by the negative stuff that happens in my life.


Ounassi Ali

Author of the eBook.

Positive thinking changed my life when I started to apply its principles.

I started leaning, researching about it, because I was unhappy, mad, unfillfiled, and I was looking for answers!

Since then, when I staretd applying the knowledge, my life changed drasrically in a positive way. I started being happy, harmonious with the univers, an optimistic guy, giving empowering meaning to my life, my heart is full of energy. now.

Let's be Happy, And Positive!

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