In this article, I’d like to share the difference between Growth mindset and Fixed mindset.

Outlining the divergences between those 2 concepts will give you a perspective on what it takes to get your way in your life and be successful.

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First thing you need know is all comes down to your beliefs.

Your belief either can help you to empower your life or hurt you living a limiting existence.

The main trait all successful people have is they always willing to learn and looking for ways to feed their mind with valuable stuff that will make their life better.

So, the only thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is this wiliness to grow and approaching life with an open mind.

The quality of your life right now is based mainly on your mindset and how you perceive things.

Before even setting goals, I think the major attribute that anyone must cultivate in their lives is a growing mindset, meaning having this hunger to learn and stretch their minds.

So let’s dive right into the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset.


Learn the difference between the growth mindset and fixed mindset. Having a growth mindset is a prerequisite to achieve your goals and your dreams. | growth mindset quotes | growth mindset activities | growth mindset video | growth mindset tips


What are the main differences between Growth mindset and fixed mindset?


Learn the difference between the growth mindset and fixed mindset. Having a growth mindset is a prerequisite to achieve your goals and your dreams.


Attribute #1: Skills and intelligence are flexible qualities

People with a growth mindset perceive that skills and intelligence can be developed through effort and persistence.

In the other hand, people with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence and skills are innate and fixed traits, and there’s no room for change.

Attribute #2: Taking risks is inevitable to grow

People with growth mindset are more willing to take risks, and know the only way to live a good life is by growing and facing the unknown.

People with fixed mindset attach unbearable pain to change, and fear the unknown.

Attribute #3: Thanks for your critics

People with growth mindset welcome warmly criticism, and don’t try to ignore it. They just pick the constructive ones that are going to benefit them and move their life forward.

People with fixed mindset they get their ego entailed and resent any criticism from anyone because they perceive it as a weakness point.


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Attribute #4: Anyone can be smart and successful. (If they work at it)

People with growth mindset believe fervently that anyone can be smart and intelligent by working at it.

But people with fixed mindset believe that smartness and intelligence is for just a specific group people, and they are lucky by having those qualities.

Attribute #5: They fall in love in the process


People with growth mindset put their attention on the process, and stick with it even if they don’t get immediate results because they love what there are doing.

People with fixed mindset usually put their energy and focus on just the end outcome, and they get tripped by not having the results yet.




Attribute #6: They take full responsibility for their failures

People with growth mindset are OK with failure. When they miss things up, they take full responsibility of their mistakes, learn from them, and seek solutions.

People with fixed mindset crumble when things don’t get their way, and their start blaming themselves and their circumstances.

Final thought

One thing that make all those attributes working in your life is being relentless. That the best quality so far that you have to cultivate, and all people with growth mindset have.


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