In this today’s blog, I’d like to share with you a very important subject that might be weird for some, but it’s worth to talk about it, how to appreciate and deal with hard times.

It’s a very an intriguing topic, because you’d probably wondering how we can appreciate and rejoice something painful, right!

Difficulties in life are inevitable. Life is unpredictable too. There are somedays anything seems possible, and you feel good about yourself, and there are days you feel like a crap, and you feel nothing seems working.

But we see some people even they go through a painful moment, they don’t complain, or whine about it, they just accept it and move on.

Why is this? The secret lies in their perception. They rewired their brain to extract the good from the bad, and focus on what’s working on their lives.

They just reframe those hard times as a way to be able to grow and become even stronger, and this stems mainly from their mental toughness.


Are you going through tough times in those moments? Learn how to appreciate and deal with those rough times and turn them into your advantages.



Essentialism VS Existentialism


A quick heads-up. It’s not a philosophical article, because I Know probably you hate philosophy classes, but I want to use the principles as an introduction of this article to give quick idea on appreciating tough times it’s all about our view and the meaning that we’re to the world.

the first principal is called existentialism. What that means is, every human being is born with an essence.

Before 20th century, essentialism was fairly a standard belief. The essence of a human being is born with a purpose.

The big problem with this philosophy is a very limited view of the world, it’s kind of fixed mentality, and this is why:




If something bad comes up in your life and deviate you to another direction that does not come along with your essence, you feel devastated, you are not good enough, and you will start beat yourself up all day long, which is going to lead to an anxious life.

After 20th century, the existentialism principal was born. It merely means that we are born with no purpose, and our goal is to find it, by giving our own perception to the events we are going through in life.

Many people find this philosophical principal is depressing, and many others find it as a liberating philosophy, because it gives us infinite meanings of the events of your life, and also provide us a reason to live.




Are you going through tough times in those moments? Learn how to appreciate and deal with those rough times and turn them into your advantages.


Our perception we’re giving to any bad events has a vital role to improve our life.

I believe fervently that anything in life is neutral. There’s no right or wrong. It really depends on your angle of viewing the situation.

The predominant attribute that make some people living an incredible life is because they know how to turn any tough moment in their advantage, and learn the lesson.

In a nutshell you have to become a master of meaning by working on your mindset. It’s the only way to really rejoice and appreciate the tough times.

The meanings you’re giving to the world stems mainly from your awareness level. The more conscious you are, the more you’ll have the power to redirect your focus on the meaning you want to attach to it.




The best way to raise your consciousness is to be more present the moment.

One major thing that disturb us to be mindful is we get clouded by those army of negative thoughts that prevent us to rejoice the present moment.

To elevate your awareness is by doing some meditation practices. Meditation will help you to free yourself more those negative thoughts, and experience truly the present moment.

Also another great benefit of meditation is being less reactive, and stop living in the externals. So it will help to control your reactions and your choices, and give a new meaning.

Whenever an impulse comes up, you’ll have to ability to not react, and stay calm by giving a new perception to it. This will save you a lot of energy and keep focusing on the things that really matter to your life.

You can do some mindfulness exercises by just contemplating an object. It may seem weird, but this simple exercise will epically raise you focus, and be conscious about everything around you.


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