Let’s talk about 7 Secret tips to form a good habit that sticks. You probably wonder that building a habit you need willpower. It’s the wrong approach to start off.

Excitement and motivation doesn’t last.  It may last for several days, but how long? It’s an undurable energy.


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In fact, instead of relying on motivation, you need the right strategy that will help you to set up a lasting habit, without willpower.

So, Here are 7 secret tips on how to build habits that will last for a lifetime



7 Effective Tips on How To Build Habits That Stick

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1. Start ridiculously small

Most people want to make big changes in their life in the shortest time possible. They want, overnight, meditate for 30 minutes a day, eat healthy, go to the gym 4 times a week.

Making good changes is great, but setting the bar too high, you will need a tramendous amount of willpower to follow though those changes, which is too overwhelming.

Many reasearchs has shown that willpower is a limited energy, it’s like a muscle that you have to devlopp as you work on your goals.


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So, if you use all your “fuel” which is your willpower in the begining phase of the habit, you’ll get tired quickly, and the odds of giving up will be very high.

To avoid this trap, start ridiculously small, that you can’t say no.  Here are some examples :

  • Instead of starting with 20 pushups, start with 5 pushups.
  • Instead of starting with 30 minutes of meditation, start with 1 minutes.
  • Instead of starting with 30 minutes of walking each day, begin with 2 minutes.

The bottom line is to start incredibly small, and once you’ve accustumed with the behavior, then you can scale things up.


2.Stick to your habit

After you’re accustumed with the habit, it’s time to define a strategy to get you hooked with the behavior in the long run.

“Don’t break the chain” strategy used by Jerry Seinfeld that made him a great humorist.

Everyday he write a joke, and once he did it, he put a red X in the calendar, and within days, he had a chain that he can’t break it.

This strategy is very powerful, because it’s a visual reminder of how much you invest in the habit, the more the chain grows, the more ilt will be harder to break it.


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3.Have a clear intentions

Scheduling the time, and the place where you’ll start your new habit, you’ll be more likely to take action. Here are some strategies below that will help you stick with your habit :

  • You can link your new habit to an existing one. Use the statement [After/Before]. For example :
    • After I live the office, I’ll walk for 3 minutes.
    • Before I go to sleep, I’ll read one page.
  • Create an implementation/intention : Use the statement “If/Then”. For example, If I walk in my room, I’ll smile :).
  • Or you can schedule the habit and give it space in your calendar. It seems quit difficult for the majority, but it shows how this habit means to you, and how it’s important.


4. Celebrate you small wins

Rewarding yourself for the progress that you’ve made is crucial for your success.

Each time you celebrate your wins, you’ll activate the reward pattern in your brain which leads to a feeling of pride and fulfillment.


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In turn, those emotions will empower you to follow through your habit, even things don’t go your way.

So, I encourage you to reward yourself for each step that you’ve accrossed, and don’t focus on the size of the reward. The more you’ll reward yourself, the more you’ll like the habit.


5. Design your environement

Your environement shapes your habits. The environment has a huge, and direct impact on your behaviors.

Let’s say you walked into the kitchen, you open the refrigerator, you spotted soda, and you drink it. Just because it’s in front of you, you were more attempt to drink the soda.

Mihaly Csikzmtmihalyi, professor of psychology, provides a great framework to change your environement as a support of building the habit.

What the professor recommends is to change “activation energy” of the habit. What does it means ?

“Activation energy” is the required energy to get your habit done. The more you “activate your energy” to start a habit, the less odds you’ll get it done.



6.Join the right crowd

Research has shown that we tend to adpot the same behavior, the same feelings as the people we hang out with.

So, if you want to increase your chance for success, make sure that you have the right friends in your corner.

Plus surrounding yourself with pessimist friends, it will be hard to go through all the challenges that arise along the path of success.



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7. Commit to your habit

There are times you feel tired, and unmotivated, and it seems quite challenging for you to get your habit done.

The best way to interefer those negative emotions, and avoid the trap of procrastination, is to be accountable to your close friend or people that you care about for the most.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope that it helped you to set up a new good and lasting habit, and make your life much better.

Please if you have any question, leave it bellow in the comment section, I will be glad to answer it.


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