Learn how to overcome fear and your insecurties. You'll find in this article 5 actionable tips to overcome fears and live your true potential. | anxiety relief tips | fear quotes | overcoming fear inspiration | how to overcome fear of driving | how to overcome fear tips | overcome fear public speaking



In this article, I’d like to share with you how to cope with one of the prevalent obstacles that a lot of people suffer from which is fear. So how to be fearless and brave in life?

First of all, the main raison why I choose talking a little bit about fear, because I suffered from a lot, and it was really an unpleasant thing to have all the time.


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And this affected negatively so many things in my life: I was very shy, anxious, angry most of the time, unsocial guy.

Fear cripples us living in a limited existence, so we get stuck in this comfort zone for the rest our lives.

Fear never go away by just wanting it to go away. It’s the biggest flaw that a lot of people do, that’s why they failed.

How can I dispel fear from my life?

Learn how to overcome fear and your insecurties. You'll find in this article 5 actionable tips to overcome fears and live your true potential. | anxiety relief tips | fear quotes | overcoming fear inspiration | how to overcome fear of driving | how to overcome fear tips | overcome fear public speaking


First of all, you need to know that you can suppress fear for good. That’s one of the mistake that I made. It’s a losing battle.

So if you trying to stop fear using your willpower or your consciousness just STOP doing that! What we can do and what’s within our control, you can learn how to cope with it and manage it.

So, let’s dive into 5 important behaviors that you can implement to manage your fears, and take control over it:


 Action #1: Just do it

The only way to phase out completely fear is to face it. The more you try to stave off fear, the more it becomes bigger and bigger in your mind.

So embracing the fear is the key, even if it’s uncomfortable, we have to do it anyway, because this will lead to character and growth.


Action #2: Say no to perfectionism

One thing that make us fearful too is we try to be perfectionist. Maybe you can relate to this, but I really discovered it when I started working in my business and my English too.

So, the advantage of being a perfectionist guy is paying attention to the details and this can really help you to craft your work, and stand out from the crowd.

But in the flipside, it can be frustrating especially if you are in the beginning stage of learning a skill, and this can really hold you back.

My call to action to take over this perfectionist mentality is to just do it even if it’s not perfect yet, you can tweak it and refine it as time goes on.


Action #3: Cut back toxic influencers

We all have a friend, or a family member reminding us how life sucks, how nowadays the governments are corrupted, or criticizing you all the time and this can really fuel this fear.

If you have someone in your circle telling this stuff, you’d be better to get rid of him genuinely, otherwise you will be caged in their limited perspective of life.

The sake of that is not cut back definitively your relationship with this person, try to spend less time with him and keep a mutual respect.


Action #4: Surround yourself with positive souls

One really helpful way to be fearless is to get support from people that care about you, or they are in the same path as you.

When you are just accountable to yourself is very hard to strip away those fearful thoughts jumbling in your mind.

Sometimes the path of success is a lonely path, and most people around us don’t conform to our dreams because they see it an impossible thing. But if you don’t have any of your surroundings who is supportive, find some positive people through social media.

Honestly, I don’t have any one of my social circle that can really help me to be fearless, but I combatted fear by following mentors, and successful people through Youtube, and Facebook, books and pick their brains on something valuable that can help me outdo the obstacles and the hurdles.


Action #5: Cultivate a positive thinking.

 Fear feeds its energy from anger, sadness, depression, complains, and of all negative garbage that we think about in regular basis.

First we have to combat and eliminate those mind weeds so we can give space to cultivate good plants in our garden (our mind).

The ultimate cure of fear is being positive and optimistic. The more you think positively, what you’re doing is creating new neuronal connections that will be solidified through repetition, and become a habit over time.

There’s unless ways to nurture positive thinking in your life. Begin by just smile even if it doesn’t feel like. The reason why it works because science has shown our physiology affects our emotions.


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Tony Robbins in his book Awaken the giant within stated that one the most powerful distinctions that he has made in the last 10 years of his life is this: emotion is created by motion.

Even if there is no evidence to smile, by just doing it, you’ll shift the way of how you feel quickly.

The way you stand, the way you walk, the way you talk affects your energy level, and thus you’re thinking.

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