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In this article I’d like to share with you how to overcome perfectionism.

The main reason why I decided to talk about perfectionism, because something I struggled with a lot, and I know many people have the same problem.

Perfectionism is the thief of our dreams.


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We all know perfectionism does not exist, it’s just an illusion appearing real, but unfortunately most people keep trying to be perfect.

Really perfectionism can wreck your life, and cripple you in mediocrity living under fear, worry, stress for the rest of your days.

Perfectionism can also have some pros, but if you’ve attained a certain level of performance. We’re talk about that later on.

So, Let’s define first what is perfectionism to have a basic understanding of it to and detect the crocks of the issue.


What is perfectionism?


Perfectionism mainly occurs when you set very high standards and it’s so difficult or impossible to meet them.

A person is operating like that tend to focus on the details more, and they make sure that there are no imperfections at all.

A person who is perfectionist avoid making mistakes and see them as a route of catastrophic end.

He sees a mistakes is not a good thing, and associate making it with the idea of failure.


Why we tend to be perfectionism?

I believe perfectionism stems from a place of fear of disaptoinement, and other people’s judgements.

Most of those standards that we set for ourselves come from other people’s standards, so we fall into the trap of comparison.

And when you start comparing yourself with other people that are above you, you’re giving away your power of creating the life you desire, and you’ll start to come up with all the excuses that it’s not for you.


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Also we’re perfectionism, because we don’t have the right mindset to approach mistakes. So a perception game.

As I said above, a perfectionist avoids making mistakes because he perceives it as a sign of failure, but if he embraces it, and seize the lesson from, he can accomplish almost anything.

There are a lot of frustration, and stress that comes along when we try to be perfect. When you let go the need of perfecting your craft, it’s liberating, and the magic thing is you perform much better.


3 Easy Steps to help you overcome perfectionism


Step1: Recognize your perfectionism

Denying your perfectionism tendency, it’s the biggest pitfall that most people fall into. You need to have the courage to recognize it if things want to change.

It seems easy to do, but I think a lot of people are suffering because their ego’s so big they feel guilty just thinking about their imperfections.

Remember the main raison why a person tends to be perfect is because he sets unrealistic standards.

Review those rules that you set for yourself, and try to lower them a bit or even suppress the ones that trip you up the most.

In this next step, you’ll learn three tools that will help you to overcome perfectionism to light up your life.


Step2: Practical ways to beat perfectionism


1.Your pattern of thinking

All what really is your mindset and your thinking.

We indulge on those pattern of thinking by reaffirming that we’re not good enough, It’s too hard, and we stuck on self-sabotaging patterns that are fueling our perfectionism behaviors.

Also another way how most people think, I need everything need to be right then I start building my online business, going to the gym, or writing a book.

But the reality is everyone started from the bottom. We can make adjustment, and perfecting things along the way. That the mindset that stop most people going for their dreams.


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How to uproot those mind weeds and beat perfectionism?

A great way to start with to eliminate those nagging noises in your head is positive affirmations.

I’ve talked about positive affirmations in many occasions in my blog because their power to turn around your old and tattered beliefs, and install empowering ones.

So come up with a statement that resonates with you, writing down somewhere you can clearly see. Here are some examples:

  • I’m confident.
  • I’m strong.
  • I am thankful for all that I have.
  • I’m courageous.

What I want you to do is to say your statements first thing in the morning. Incorporating them in your morning ritual is the best way to impress your subconscious mind.

Say them out loud by invoking your emotions and using your body to make them so intense and strong.


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2.Overcoming your perfectionism habits

Sometimes the best way is to expose purposely yourself into situations that make you uncomfortable because you violated some of your standards.

I remember, the first thing that I did to beat my perfectionism problem is to do the opposite of what my mind commanded me to do, even it was uncomfortable.

And as you expose yourself again and again into those awkward situation, the neural patterns will start to weaken and become obsolete.


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But first you need to identify what is or what are the things that your perfectionist about.

It could be also behaving towards something excessively by repeating it more than once, like checking your car if it’s locked, spend more time checking mistakes in your blog post before you hit the publish button.

Know also that it’s a bad habit that reinforced through repetition and your attention to them, and every habit works the same.

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3.Celebrate your victory.

Whatever get rewarded get repeated.

When you acknowledge your wins, and you give yourself credit to the work you’ve done, you’ll be more motivated and devoted to keep going and stick with your plan.

It doesn’t have to be something grand. You can for example allow yourself to get some ice cream, a nice meal, or just relax and chill.


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Final Thought

Overcoming perfectionism does take time.

Understand that there will be setbacks and challenges down the road, but remember yourself the person you will become once you break free from that limited energy.

Equip yourself with long term approach, the right mindset, be mindful with every win even if it’s small, and set your own pace of life.

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