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In this article I’d like share to share you how to stay positive and happy all the time.

The reason why I want to share this piece of information with you because I see so many people living with a miserable emotional state, and I honestly I was competly lost this is why I’m so passtionate about sharing with you positive stuff.

We all see those people they have all the money, fancy cars, grandiose houses, living an incredible lifestyle, but they’re emotionally broke.

I’m not saying money is the root of sadness, and sorrow, but I believe there are certain things that money can’t buy as being in the present moment, or have an unconditional love towards someone.

Anyway, first we got to understand that happiness is a state of mind that we have 100% control over. I’m pointing this out because I see a lot people living in the externals expecting this will fill the gap, and make them feel happy.

It took me years to understand that, but please I want you to know that happiness is something already within us. We are only responsible of we want to feel, no one can do it for you.

When we can expect others make us happy, or trying to get them to our side, you’ll always feel disappointed, because others have their own little stories that have been conditioned throughout their past years, and most of them are negative.

All you can do is to be an example, a role model of others by being first happy and take ownership of your emotions, then people will follow you. This is how life works my friend.


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Likewise, our life is a set of habits and beliefs that we have cultivated based on many factors such: the environment, the culture, the people that you were hanging out with, the school, the family, our childhood and so many others. SO it’s a combination of variety of elements and we begin to draw our personal perspective upon.

But we can reprogram our mind by building new constructive, and empowering habits that will, without a doubt boost our happiness and thus enhance our quality of life.

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How To Stay Positive And Happy All The Time?

Here are 5 amazing habits that you need to implement to stay positive and happy all the time:


 I’ve talked about gratitude many times in my old posts, but I believe fervently one the habits that really boost our happiness quickly and effortlessly is gratitude. Wayne Dyer had a wonderful definition of gratitude:

“Gratitude is the complete and the full respond of the hearth to the universe”.


Gratitude is the complete and the full respond of the hearth to the universe - Wayne Dyer | success quotes | Productitivity quotes | gratitude quotes | Love Quotes | Motivational quotes for success | Passion quotes | Motivational Quotes | Procrastination quotes | motivational quotes for life | #success #quotes #inspirational #inspired


Gratitude is expressing an honest love to everything that you already have in your life. In a nutshell, It’s appreciating what’s shows up in your life.

When we start to focus on what’s right in our life, all we’re doing reprogramming our mind to look through positive lenses. As you probably noticed our brain is wired in way to focus on the negative side what’s shows up, to keep us safe, and comfortable.

I encourage you to do this simple exercise:                   

Step #1: Choose a habit that you do effortlessly. It could be brushing your teeth, taking off your cloths, or going to sleep, it up to you.

Step #2: Grab a journal and pen, and write down at least 3 positive things that happened to you in your day.

Step #3: Invoke your emotions when you’re doing this exercise. Please it’s very important , because without this step, you can’t get any positive results.



Watch the video bellow on how to be greatful and attract anything in life.

LIGHT YOUR MIND Youtube channel



Meditation is also one the powerful habits that without a doubt will bring immense positive energy in your day to day life.

A sheer amount of studies has shown the enormous benefit of meditation in our overall health that contributes to a happy and a joyful living. So, here are some of its health benefits:

  • It drops blood pressure.
  • It increases the grey matter concentration in our brain.
  • It improves your process decision making.
  • It decreases depression.
  • It improves your mood, and psychological well-being.
  • And so many more…

When I started to practice meditation, honestly I didn’t believe in it even I was reading all the articles reporting the tremendous advantages can meditation would bring to us.

But I gave it a shot. In just the first week, I begin to feel the serenity flooding in my body. I became less reactive, more present in the moment, and happy for the most of the time.

I encourage you to go to a calm place, and start meditation by being fully conscious of your in and out breaths. Just start with 1 minute, then scale the minutes up as you begin to gain more familiarity with the exercise.

Don’t pay attention those distractive thoughts, and don’t try to stop them either. Let them run away, and draw immediately your attention back to your breathing flow.

Use the methods that I outlined in the book to stick with the habit, and partake it in your daily routines. I want you to adopt these habits for the rest of your life, and not just do it for a while and jump to another thing.

Always remember, the key to a success is mastery.


3.Accept and love yourself

I use purposely the word ‘accept’ first then the word ‘love’, because we can’t love ourselves without accepting ourselves first for what we truly are. So love comes from acceptance first.

When you accept and love yourself with total devotion and honesty, you free yourself from the need to be like others, or to behave like others, and that’s my friend will epically boost your happiness.

When I started learning English, and trying different strategies to improve my fluency, I started to conceive this idea that I must to speak like this person, or that person, and the word has to sound perfectly, it was so stressful that I wanted to give up.

Until I decided that I must stop being perfectionist and accept honestly and sincerely myself, because I realized going down this patch will not support the vision that I want to manifest in my life.

Sometimes we get too deluded with this perfect image we want to create, we deny what we achieved so far in our life, and we self-oppress ourselves consistently that we are not good enough. Having this oppressive inner talk comes mainly from a place of scarcity and not loving ourselves.

What I preach at you is to take a journal and write down at least 3 great, enormous, exceptional things you accomplished today, or in your past. By bringing them up, you’ll remind yourself what you’re truly capable of, and strip away all those toxic doubts that want to hinder you from accomplishing your dreams.

If you want learn more about how to love yourself, you can check out the article bellow:


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4.Spend more time in nature

That’s a big one. I can’t tell you how I feel amazing going for walk in nature.

I believe we are from mother nature, and we can’t find the true serenity, and peacefulness in other place other than nature.

In today’s age, we get easily lost into the society’s expectations, with all the media trying to pushing in us how the world is terrible and dreadful, without counting the family demand’s, and this subsequently will lead to more frustration, and heavy stress.

Nature is the only escape. So whenever you feel dreaded, and anxious, go out in nature and do some activities that you really enjoy doing, or you can just sit there and contemplate how glorious nature is.


5.Set goals

Yes, having goals in life will give a sense of existing for a reason, and this will also help you to sharpen your mind, and shed of all the parasite thoughts that are the enemy of happiness.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose goals, just make sure having small and achievable day to day targets, and when do accomplish them, you begin to feel a sense of pride which will subsequently soar your self-esteem and your happiness level as well.

Make sure to set goals properly. If you have hard time to set your first goal, check out bellow my blog post bellow on how to achieve goals.


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Final Thoughts

 That’s it my friend. These are my 5 good habits on how to stay positive and happy all time. Make sure you combine these habits together, to really maximize the result.

Remember change takes time. If you don’t get the result yet, it’s fine don’t trip up. Just stick with the habit, be patient, and more importantly be committed to it.

Begin with one habit at a time to not get easily overwhelmed. After you get familiar with it, then move on to the next one.

If you don’t know where to start to implement these habits, I have FREE a guide on building habits with some of the best hacks and strategies to be able to sustain them for the long run. Explore the book by clicking on the button bellow, it’s completly FREE.



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