In this article I wanna share with you how your subconscious mind works, so you can achieve great things in your life, and become the best version of yourself. So, ready to learn some basic insights about your subconscious mind ? Let’s dive in 🙂

What’s the job of the subconscious mind ?

Your subconscious mind is like a huge memory that stores everything that happen to you.

The main fonction of your subconscious mind is to store and retreive data. Also, it ensure that your attitude, your habits, and your behaviors fit with your self-concept which regroupes your thoughts, your emotions, your cravings.

Be the guardian of your garden.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t think or raison, it merely obeys to the conscious mind’s orders. It’s an unquestioning servant. In a few words, your conscious mind commands, and your subconscious mind obeys.

Your subconscious mind is like the garden, and your conscious mind is the gardener who plants the seeds which are your thoughts, and your emotions. So whatever you plant, flowers ( positive thoughts) or weeds ( negative thoughts) in the fertil soil which is the subconscious mind, it will accecpt them blindly, and it will simply harvest the fruits that you’ve planted.

The subconscious mind works against you!

The subconsicous mind is the genious part in your brain, that provides solutions, and insights to help you be more skilled, or be an intelligent guy. But unfortunalty your subconscious mind works also against you. It works to keep you safe in your comfort zone. So whatever you attempt to do something new, your subconscious mind  come up and will make things emotionaly and physicaly tense and uncomfortable.

So every time you want to change a habit that you are accustumed with, or just thinking about it, your subconscious mind will try to pull you back toward your comfort zone, throught the limiting beliefs, and negative self talk.

 Always invest in yourself.

Successful people are always stretching themselves by reading books, investing in courses, atteining seminars, setting and achieving goals, and they know that the comfort zone is the enemy that lead to a rut, and the more you stuck into it, the more it will be hard and challenging to get out from.

So always be willing to try new different things even if it feel uncomfortable and hard in a certain way, specialy in the beginning.

Thank you so much for reading this article, and I hope that helps you to know the basics elements of your subconscious mind, to achieve your dreams and live a better life.

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