In this article, I’d like to share with you 11 natural ways to improve your mood instantly.

There are a number of simple things that anyone can do to lift their mood.

You may already be doing some, and you certainly don’t need to be doing them all.

Just try the ones that you feel most comfortable with, or that are easiest for you.

As your mood begins to lift—and sooner or later it will—you can make more and bigger changes to your routine.

And if you can stick to these good habits once your mood has imprvoed, you will continue to feel better.



11 Best Ways to Improve Your Mood Instantly




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1.Declutter your environment

If your environment is cluttered, probably your desk, your room, it’s going to be hard to find serenity, and be relaxed.

When we are in a clean, and organized environment, we naturally feel good about ourselves, and that will instantly improve your mood.


2.Listen to uplifting music

A lot of studies, and researches have shown the positive impact of listening good music in your body, and thus in your mood. It helps to diminish stress, and lower the blood pressure making you energized, and happy.

So, your job is load up your phone with music that makes you feeling vibrant, and energetic.



Meditation is a great way to dispel those negative thoughts as well.

Meditation is a natural cure to eliminate all these mental diseases and be able to find more clarity in your mind.

Go to a calm place, set straight, and take deep breaths from your nose for 5 seconds, and breath out from your mouth for 8 seconds or so.



We can’t do everything. If you’re trying to all the things and going all over the place, you’ll feel overwhelmed, and you put yourself under tremendous amount of pressure that’s going to alter your state being.

Our mental energy is limited. The key is to prioritize the tasks that have the most value in your life, and delegate the things that have a little or no impact in the quality of your life.



Smiling helps drastically to eliminate stress and find your spark again, even if it’s a fake one.

What I recommend is to force yourself to smile few times throughout the day, and you’ll be amazed by how lighter your heart will be.

I know it’s a bit hard to do, but trust me It works. Just give it a try.



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Head down to the nearest park, and take just a brisk walk, and move our body for a while.

The emotional benefits of moving your body are tremendously powerful to improve your mood, and help you to wipe out the stress.

Not only that, when you’re moving your body, your creative part of your mind turn on, that’s going to help to come up with great idea that you couldn’t think about when you’re in stress mode.

Also, a lot of studies show that by just meandering yourself in green places for just 5 minutes helps you to relief the negative energy leaving place to positive vibes come in your body.


7.Spend less time in Social Media

Social media has a lot of upsides like staying in tuned with people that you love, connecting with your friends, but also can erode your focus if you’re overusing it.

To find peace, and serenity in your life, you need to connect with the real world.

Spend time with friends, go out to different places, experiment different things, all those things will help to boost, and improve your mood.



8.Learn to handle negative thoughts

Make a list of all the positive things about yourself and your situation (you may need help with this), keep it with you, and read it several times a day.

However bad you may be feeling, remember that you have not always felt this way, and will not always feel this way.

You can also use the power of positive affirmations. Saying out loud positive affirmations help to cut off the negative voice inside your head and reprogram your subconscious mind.


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9.Surround yourself with positive people

Maybe one of the reason why you’re indulging negative thoughts is because you’re surrounded by toxic people.

You’re the 5 average people you’re spending time with.

Take that into consideration, and be honest with yourself if your friends, or your family members bringing the best of you.

If they are constantly complaining, gossiping, you need to be brave enough to stop making time for them, and focus on the things that really bring positive vibes into your life.


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10.Journaling your emotions

The act of writing things down has a miraculous positive effect on your state.

One of the main raisons why people get depressed is they don’t know how to let go all the irritating thoughts, and they dwell on them day in and day out leading to undesirable behaviors toward themselves and others.

Journaling is one of the powerful tools to wipe out all these negative charges, and break free from them, and that will drastically improve your happiness level.

Carry with you a notebook or a physical support where you can write down all your concerns, and the things that you’re ruminating on to leave out the negative energy, and that’s completely freeing.



11.Letting go

One of the powerful tools that you can take on to free yourself from negative thinking is just to let go.

Trying to us your willpower to stop those thoughts can be an impossible mission.

You need to understand these flow of thoughts you’re getting emanates from your subconscious mid, which is responsible of 95% of our behaviors.

All we’re doing is using our limited resources of our conscious mind trying to beat the subconscious mind.


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