There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. – George Sand


Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. – Omar Khayyam


In this article I’d like to share with you 5 tips to change your mindset to live a happy life.

The mindset is everything. The quality of your lives is mainly based on your mindset, and how you approach life.

If you have your life isn’t in perfect order, because your mindset, and your decisions aren’t as well. It’s that simple.

So a strong mindset equals a strong life.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with 5 great tips that will help to change your mindset so you can be able to live an awesome life full of passion, and happiness.

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5 Tips To Change Your Mindset To Live a Happy Life


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Let’s go over the 5 tips to be able change the roots that are the creators of the quality of the life you’re living.


1.Count Your Blessings (Gratitude)

Most people out there take their lives, their health for granted. Unfortunatly.

That’s what make most people unhappy, and frustrated living their lives like they have nothing.

Why is that?

The first job of our mind, is to keep us safe. His primary tool is to constantly look for threats, and what’s wrong in your life to protect you. Is that simple.

I know probably it may sound obvious for many of you, but most people aren’t aware of that at all.

So what’s the solution? Learn to be grateful.


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In other word express your generosity for the things you have that a lot of people don’t have. That’s where you start feeling a bit of relief, and happiness.

Have a journal where you can write your blessings every time you want to sleep. It’s a very powerful ritual that will help you to rewire your brain for the things that are working in your life.



2.Find Your Purpose

The second thing that you need to have in your life is a purpose. Is critical if you want to live a well-lived life. Here’s why…

When you have a clear target, and a crystal clear purpose, you’ll be fully focused by cutting off all distractions in your life, which will you make happier and less stressful.


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Probably you’re asking why do I find my purpose in life. I know it’s a missed piece for a lot people out there, and that’s why they are angry, and upset most of the time.

Look, I wrote a blog post about 5 ways to live your purpose in your life that will help you with that.

You can check it bellow…


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find your purpose



3.Practice Self-Love

Honestly do you love yourself? The more you love yourself, the happier you’ll be.

But the reality, the way how people treat themselves, and their health, it shows me they don’t love themselves enough.

Just go out, and look around…

It’s not a selfish thing to love yourself, but no one will take care of you than you. It’s a little bit bitter, but that’s the truth.

Also I believe you can’t show love to others, if you don’t love yourself first, and that goes to anything else in life.


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4.Give and Contribute

There’s no powerful feeling that helping someone to get what he wants, giving away money, or just smiling to others.

Giving it’s not only related to money or materialistic stuff, without a doubt that’s important, but I think one thing that most people want is the feeling that they belong in this life, and that money can’t solve.



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Just smiling to someone else, saying something positive, having a great relationship with others, love, caring about others, that’s the highest form of contribution.

The more you give, the happier you’ll be. Period.



5.Anything is Possible

The number one reason why people don’t attain the highest of life is because they think too small.

Because of someone told them how they need to live their lives based on someone else’s paradigms that are mostly are false, and that’s why people aren’t satisfied with their lives.



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Believing that anything is possible, and thinking big are the only route of fulfillment and satisfaction.

The only belief that I instilled in my mind by using positive affirmations is “Anything possible”.

Also one video that helped me to really burn that belief in my subconscious mind, is from “Motivation Fearless”. They have such an amazing video to motivate you, and inspire you as well. Check the video out bellow:

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