Mindset Of Success: How To Not Give Up On Your Goals

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Mindset Of Success: How To Not Give Up On Your Goals


In today’s blog, I’m going to share with mindset winning strategies on how to not giving up on your goals no matter how difficult are.

Goal achievement is mindset game.


Why some achieve their goals and some not. The answer is mindset.

But the majority of people don’t understand that their weak mindset is the root cause of their failures of hitting their aims.

A lot people misinterpret the real value of goals, thinking that their accomplishments it’s going to solve all their problems, and make them significant.

The purpose of setting goals is strengthening your characters and becoming stronger.

Because the route of achieving goals is full of adversity, but most people are not mentally prepared to face the obstacles because of their unrealistic expectations, that’s why their throw the towel.


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A lot of people ask how can I achieve my goals, or what is my game plan? But the real question that everybody need to ask “Who I need to become to achieve my goals?”

So, part of become more, is working on your mindset, and strengthening it to face any obstacles that set in.

In this following lines, I’m going to share 6 valuable mindset shifts that you need to implement right now to not give up on your goals and dreams.


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1.Focus on the process not the destination

The enjoyment comes by putting your focus on the process and falling love with it.

Because if you’re constantly focusing on the outcome, thinking my problems are going be solved after achieving your goals it’s just an illusion, and it never going to happen.

By focusing in the process regardless of your current results, you still have the energy to continue working on goals and not blow it away because you’re mad or upset of not having them right now.



If you’re attached to the result, you’re already kind of slave to it. Because all the current and upcoming decision will be hold to your emotions, which going to lead to poor decisions, and one of it is quitting.

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2.Success is a byproduct of the value you’re providing

Life is not a crazy place rewarding undeserving people. Everything you want out of life, you must deserve it by putting out products that will serve people.

But you might ask “what is the relationship between that and not giving up?”

Here is the answer:  if you don’t understand this, you’ll look for the shortcuts, and quick fixes, and the rate of giving up it’s going to be high because life doesn’t work that way.

So, knowing what it really takes to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams is kind of protection to prevent you to not giving up.



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3.Work on yourself more than you do on your goals

Probably one of the prevalent takeaways that I learn from mentors a coaches through Youtube and books, is you need work primarily in yourself.

The number one reason why most people quit is they don’t improve themselves, and be prepared when the obstacles show up.

A lot people they skip this step, and start straightway building an online business, a new diet, new habit, by keeping their old pattern of thinking, and this is where the confit set in.




4.Have an abundance mentality

Having a scarcity mindset can really let you off the hook when things get tough.

This is related to a narrowed view of the world that there’s not enough, or there’s a lot of competition, and you keep screwing yourself over which make things a lot harder to manifest.

But if you cultivate an abundant mindset and perceive life with a positive lens, everything will seem possible to obtain. This will give you all the energy to go through the hurdles and keep going in your adventures.



5.Be open minded: Ask for help

The biggest enemy that wrecks people’s lifes is their EGO.

When you’re in the path of working on goals and you hit an obstacle, the first thing you need to do is ask for help and put aside your EGO trying to find things in your own.

Being closed off and not learning from others is route of failure.

Most successful people, even if they are at the top of the staircase, they keep reading, hiring coaches, and finding new solutions that could help break the wall of adversity.


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6.Be optimistic and have faith

Faith is the fuel that will get you where you want, and without it the odds are very slim to continue working on your goals.

How it’s possible to put energy and time forth on something and you don’t believe in. It’s never going to manifest until you bring faith to the game.

The great business philosopher Jim Rohn Put it this way: “Faith is the ability to see what doesn’t exist yet”.


7. Cultivate a positive attitude

Having a positive expectancy is a requirement to manifest things in life, and combat the hardships along the way.

The reason why is so important is because it’s going to help to shift your perception on your limitations, and see them as an ally to grow.

In top of that you will all the energy that you need to keep striving for you dreams, because success it’s a long journey, and you need that to hit your aims.

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