In today’s article, I’d like to share with you 4 easy steps to plan your day effectively so you can be productive, and ready to rock!

Having a plan for the day is a must for everyone who wants to be focused, and productive throughout the day, otherwise you’ll be easily distracted.

Planning the day is like having a roadmap that will get from point A to point B mush faster preventing you from getting on the pitfalls to distractions.



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The main reason why people don’t achieve their goals, is because they underestimate the value of starting the day with a set of relevant tasks that will get them closer to their aims.

In fact, all successful people plan their day whether at night, or in the morning depending of the person, and that’s what set them up to win the day.

I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of implementing the habit of writing your most important tasks before you start your day, but probably that’s why you’re losing confidence, and self-believe.

Without being said, let’s hop-over 4 easy steps to plan your day effectively to take back control of your destiny:




4 Easy Steps To Plan Your Day Effectively



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Step #1: Make a list

The first thing that you need to start with is the habit of making a list.

I intentionally underlined the word “habit”, because if you want to get the full benefit of making a list, you need to do it consistently, over a long period of time.

To make this task easier for you, I created a good-looking version  of Eseinhower Boxthat you can download bellow to get you excited to start the habit.


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Print it out, and put it on your desk, or somewhere where you spend of your time in to trigger the habit of making the list. Very important!

Also the value of Eisenhower Box is to help you categorize the tasks based on their importance so you can clearly know the ones that will get you closer to your target.

A great tip to assure success with this process, just start with 3 important tasks.

Don’t try to fill out the whole list, because you’ll get easily overwhelmed, and the odds to lose the habit are higher.



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Step #2: Decide on how much time you’ll allocate for the task

Once you have you list down, I want you for each task, ask yourself the question: “How much time would this task take to get it done?

Next of each task, write down how many hours, or minutes that you’ll spend to get it done. It’s simple!

 You don’t have to come up with exact time, but just through the process of estimation as time goes on, with the factor “stickability”, you’ll be able to get the exact number.

So, now let’s move on to the process of prioritization



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Step #3: Prioritize your tasks

 Probably you’re wondering which is the first task that I need to start with! That can be tough! No worries, just keep reading….

First thing, the first category to put your eyes on always, is “The urgent tasks”. Ignore other boxes.

Then ask yourself this question:

“What is the most important task right now?”

I know, it sounds a silly and not a nifty question to ask, but the goal here is to hook your brain to come up with answers.

Once you’ve decided on the first task, put a little “A” next to it.

Then ask yourself, “what is the next task to attack?”. Then put a little “B” next to it.

And so forth…



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Step #4: Reward yourself

The next critical step is to reward your yourself, because that what’s going to get the momentum up.

Once you’ve disciplined yourself to do the work, acknowledge your efforts, to link some pleasure to what you’ve accomplished.

It could be just a simple “Yessss! I made it”, and clench your fist while you’re saying it, or you can do an activity that you enjoy like playing a video game. It’s up to you what’s making feel good.


Again, claim now your FREE copy bellow of Eisenhower Box to get the most out of the 4 steps that I just shared in this post. Remember knowledge is useless if you don’t use it.





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