If your a new blogger looking for a Pinterest beginners guide. This ultimate guide will show you how using Pinterest can skyrocket your traffic and build your email list. This is the complete guide on how to use Pinterest along with some expert tips and tricks to help you get the most from your efforts on Pinterest. | Pinterest Tips , Pinterest Tips secrets boards, Pinterest Tips for business, Pinterest traffic tips, SEO Pinterest Tips, How to use Pinterest, Pinterest Tutorials. #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing


Struggling with driving traffic to your new blog?

Do you believe that ads are the only way to kick start your site and drive more visitors to it?

Pinterest it’s a powerful engine to get a ton of traffic from it and for FREE!

But, you need to believe on its power, because a lot of people don’t do, and I was one of them 🙂

But if you learn how Pinterest works, and apply the strategies bellow, visitors will start to flow in all directions to your blog.

What You Need To Know About Pinterest.

 There are over 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine, it’s not social media.

Pinterest works like any search engine out there. It uses Keywords to show up results.

A lot of people believe that Pinterest it’s just for sharing recipes, food, mom and kid stuff, but the reality is, Pinterest is a huge driver of web traffic all across the industries, responsible for about 5% of all referral traffic.

Pinterest is great for business. According to Shopify research, the avereage value from Pinterest referral traffic is 58,95$ compared to 55$ for Facebook.

How to Use Pinterest To Grow Your Traffic?

The success with Pinterest relay mainly on how your pins are optimized for its algorithms.

There are 4 core aspects that will determine whether or not your pins will show up in Pinterest:

  1. The domain authority in Pinterest.
  2. High quality pins
  3. Your Pinner quality
  4. Keywords

So, let’s break down those 4 elements, and show you some practical ways to optimize each one of them to drive massive traffic to your blog.

Factor #1: The Domain Authority




Pinterest must see how relevant pins from your website are, so it learns whether your site is a source of high-quality content over time, to increase your authority.

In a nutshell, Pinterest need to trust you first.

Step 1: Switch to a business account.

Step 2: Verify your blog. Your blog need to be verified to know if you are a real pinner.

Step 3. Enable rich pins. Rich pins show extra information called meta-data. It’s a huge factor in your ranking improvement.

Factor #2: High Quality Pins


Pinterest seo tips


If you want to get popular in Pinterest, and drive a massive traffic to your blog, you MUST produce high quality pins.

Pinterest improve the ranking of your pins and view them as high quality content by the number of repins.

The more people repin your pins, Pinterest will view them as a relevant content, so when people search for a keyword related to your pins, they start to show up at the top.

So, how can I improve the quality of my pins?

There are 2 main components behind  a high quality pin: Juicy post headline, a catching-eye picture.

1.Write Juicy post headline:

The purpose is to get people to read the text in the pin.

 So there are few points that you have to heed on to write a compelling title:

  • It must be helpful. Show the result that people will get after reading the post.
  • Easy to read. Don’t use fluff, or small length fonts. Use bold fonts and make the title bigger, so people can easily read your pins when they are scrolling their Pinterest feed.
  • Use call to action words.
  • Keep the title conscience.

2.Craft a high quality images.

Pinterest is a visual search engine.

If you have an ugly picture, your pins will not do well in Pinterest, even if you have the best title in the world.

So, to craft an eye-catching image, you need to take into account those following points:

  • Make sure your image has brighter and vivid colors.
  • Use a high-quality image.
  • Overlay the post title on the image. Make sure that there is sufficient contrast between the text and the image.
  • Use taller images.
  • Use different pictures of each post.
  • If you have a free download (free book, free email course, free printable…) make sure to add it in your pins to show to people that you post is packed with more value.

Factor #3: Pinner Quality


pinterest seo tips


 Pinner quality is mainly based on your presence in Pinterest.

There are many aspects that Pinterest based on to improve your pinner quality. The main ones are:

  • You presence in Pinterest. Are you an active user in Pinterest?
  • How often do you pin?
  • Do you pin high quality content?

So, to increase your pinner quality, and reach more people in Pinterest, follow those steps:

Step1: Be active in Pinterest

Spend some time throughout the day to pin your content and other people’s content.

You can automate the process by investing in a  Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind or BoardBooster to keep your account active, and save time.

But, also Pinterest rewards users that are pinning manually too. Manual pinning can also increase dramatically you reach and rank you higher in Pinterest’s algorithms.

The best formula to fast track your growth is to do them both. Schedule your most relevant pins using tailwind or boardbooster, and pin  manually other people’s pins that are performing well in Pinterest.

Step 2: Pin popular pins into your boards

The best way to find popular pins is to:

  • Check out Repinned.net for the most repinned Pinterest pins organized by categories.
  • Browse the “Popular” category.
  • Or simply search of the topic you want, and pin the pins that show up at the top, because usually these are the most popular ones.
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Factor #4: Keywords (How to add them in Pinterest)


pinterest seo tips


Keywords are the cornerstone of a successful Pinterest account.

Keep always in mind that Pinterest is a search engine like Google.  So people search stuff.

To grow your chances to show up in the search results, you MUST add relevant keywords in your contents that fit other’s interests.

So, how do you use keywords to optimize your Pinterest account, and increase its relevance?

Step 1:  Do some keyword research.

The first thing to do is to find some relevant keywords.

You are probably wondering whether there is a good Pinterest keyword tool to use!

In reality, it doesn’t exist.  But, the best way to do keyword research for Pinterest is on Pinterest itself.

Here’s how:

Similar to Google, when you’re typing in the search Pinterest bar, you’ll notice that it auto-suggests keywords to you.

These suggestions are popular search phrases.

When you hit “Enter”, a set of suggested keywords will appear beneath of the search bar.

Those keywords called: Long tail keywords.


seo pineterest tips


Unfortunately, general keywords have a lot of competition to rank for in the Pinterest.  So the best way is to target Long tail keywords.

So how you can find the most searchable keywords?

To have an idea of the popular keywords, go to Pinterest categories, click on the category, and look for the used keywords in the first pins that show up.

Make sure to write down all those keywords that interest you, because we’re going to use them later on.

In the following steps, we will cover where and how to use those keywords.




Step 2. Optimize your Pinterest profile.

Optimizing your Pinterest profile comes down to adding keywords on three places:

  • Your username: Is the URL of your Pinterest profile.
  • Your business name: Add keywords after your name business. But, you have to switch to a business account to get more space in the field to add more keywords.

Add at least 4 keywords that describe your brand or your activity.

  • The description profile : Write a mission-focused description by adding some keywords too. You can also add a call to action word if you have something to offer.

Step 3: Optimize your Pinterest boards.

 If you want your boards to be shown in the search, you need to optimize them for smart keywords, in the title and the description as well.

To name your boards, add the most searchable keywords that are related to different categories you are in.

For example, if you are in the food niche, your board’s titles might be:

  • European recipes.
  • Mexican recipes.
  • American recipes.
  • Etc…

You also need to add keywords to the description of your board.

You can make a sentence describing what the board is about and using your best keywords into, or you can simply list your keywords out separated with commas.

Step 4. Optimize your pin descriptions.

 Don’t forget to optimize your pins themselves by adding keywords to the descriptions.

Step 5: Optimize your text and make relevant image choices.

Pinterest added in 2017 a new function called : the introduction of Lens.

It’s a visual search function that allow to Pinterest to show up the pins that are similar to your pin based on: The image, and the text title.

In other words, Pinterest, now, can read the text title, and the image.

Make sure you’re using your keywords on your text overlays and making relevant pictures choices.

Step 6: Optimize your blog post

Your keyword need to be in blog post as well.

Meaning, you need to add them in: the blog title, and the body of your blog.

So, if you enable rich pins, the keywords will be automatically transferred to Pinterest when you pin the post.

Step 7: Optimize your pin image name.

Rather than allowing your image to go out named “245876.jpg”, change it to something significant with your keywords in it, like “success-quotes.png”.

Step 8. SEO your hashtags.

Make sure you’re choosing hashtags that are relevant to your content.

Generally, hashtags are placed at the end of the description after your keywords.

Final thought…

Pinterest is a massive traffic grabber , and you don’t have to pay for anything, it’s a FREE TRAFFIC.

All you have to do, is to make sure to set up things in the right way, and Pinterest do the work for you.

Back then when I just get started, I was receiving tiny visitors a day to my blog from social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). But after I using Pinterest, I was blown away by the number of visitors that I started to get to my blog. It’s UNBELIVABLE.

Forget  Facebook and all social media platforms, if you are serious about your biz, and you want to take it to the next level, Pinterest is the king of traffic.


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You’re a new blogger looking for a Pinterest Keywords tips! This ultimate guide will show you how using Pinterest can skyrocket your traffic and use keywords effectively. This is the complete guide on how to use Pinterest along with some expert tips and tricks to help you get the most from your efforts on Pinterest. | Pinterest Tips, Pinterest Tips secrets boards, Pinterest Tips for business, Pinterest traffic tips, SEO Pinterest Tips, how to use Pinterest, #pinterest #pinteresttips

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