In this article, I’d like to share with you 5 powerful, and great ways to overcome the victim mentality.

Complaining, moaning, pointing fingers at others is the most dangerous habit that most of us suffer from in a daily basis.

Be honest, and ask yourself: “How many times I complained, or threw responsibility on someone else?”

The main reason why we complain, and we victimize ourselves when something bad happens is when we experience low emotions.

Before we delve into the strategies to overcome the victim mentality, let’s first go over the 3 main common traits that victims have, so you can dissect what’s making you in this toxic mindset.


3 Signs you have a victim mentality


1.Vicitms aren’t resilient

The first characteristic of a victim is he can’t bounce back from a bad situation or a problem. So what he does? He dwells on it.

That’s one of the worst way to go in life. Life is full of setbacks, and if you don’t have the faculty to change your mindset, own the problem and move on, life is going to feel like a hell.

Remember life is for the winners. Yes, life is hard, but there is a reason for that. It was designed to make us stronger, and solid.

To help you to build a resilient, and veracious mindset, you can check out bellow the article on how to become resilient:





2.Always it’s a somebody else’s fault

The second bad habit the most people do is there are always running away from responsibility.

When a bad problem occurs, they get in rush, reacting, and there’s this automatic phrase that come out of their mouth: “Is because of him or her, or others.”

Look, the only way to live a great life, is to take full responsibility of everything that happened to you, and claim to yourself that I’m going also to own all the things that will happen to me in the future.

Making excuses, and justifying them with irrelevant stories will not solve your problem. Own it, and look for a solution, and that’s how you’ll get further in life.



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 3.Victims are selfish

Yes, victims are selfish. They have this feeling like the world owe them something, or others have stolen their dreams, and left them on the valley of misery and darkness.

The only strategy that they have at their disposal is they selfishly go about things, to get attention from others, to get some love, and empathy.


There are others signals of a victim mentality, but those 3 are the popular ones that most people have.

Self-introspect yourself, and be honest with yourself to know what you do to turn on a victim mentality by going over those 3 signs


5 Powerful ways to overcome the victim mentality



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1.Recognize your victim attitude

That’s the hard one for the most people. Accepting the fact that you’re victim is a sign of maturity, and wise thinking.

The main reason why change is heavy for most people is because they aren’t willing to put their ego aside (because it’s freaking uncomfortable), and say to themselves that “I’m a victim”.

If you’re not willing to own that reality, and faking it with some narcissistic stories that you’re telling yourself, you’re never going to recover from this victim mentality.



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Start today affirming yourself that I was victim, I take total responsibility. When you do, you’ll have a sense of freedom, and independence from your ego.

Then the second thing that you need to do, is to identify the reasons why I’m behaving that way, which is the next tip.

2.Identify the causes of acting like a victim

There are several causes of victim mentality, among them:

– Pessimistic thinking.

– Negative self-talk

– Wanting to control everything (people, circumstances)

–  Misplaced beliefs, and convictions about the world.

– Overconsumption of the negative news.

Those are the common reasons why people approach their lives with a victim mentality.

Be honest with yourself, and identify which reason above that is leading to victimizing yourself.

Take the time, and be aware of your thoughts, and your actions every time you want to blame or to complain.



3.Develop a positive thinking

To completely wipe out the negative mind weeds that are getting you feeling like a victim is to cultivate positive thinking.

Being positive, and hopeful about your future recreate your blueprint of your life, and the meaning you’re giving to it.

Your life is whatever the meaning you’re giving to it. It’s not the situation is the problem, but how you perceive it is the main problem.

We see in endless occasions, events happen to two people, the first person start reacting, yelling, and the other one remain calm because he reframed things in his mind.

Look, whatever the attention goes, the energy flows. Positive thinking is focus game.

It’s focusing the good things out of any situation how bad it is.

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4.Overcome your negative self-talk

Negative self-talk, doubts are a common issue for most people taking them down to the valley of misery, and victim mentality.

The doubts, and nasty things you’re telling yourself stems mainly from the beliefs that you’ve brought up with.

But it’s not an excuse to let things slide. You can take control of the way how you talk to yourself, by instilling new beliefs, and habits.



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Probably you’re asking how do I do that?

One easy way to do so, is to recite positive affirmations in a daily basis.

Figure out what are the awful sayings you’re telling yourself, and rephrase them into empowering ones.

Once you do, write them down, and put them on your wall, or somewhere you can see them every single day.

Say them out loud, with veracious energy and admiration to sink them deeply in your subconscious mind.


5.Forvgive yourself and others

The resentment that we hold on to ourselves fuel our victim mentality as well.

Always accusing others that they’re wrong, and seeing the others always their faults, is the assure way to behave with victim manners, and ruin your overall life as a result of that.

We all make mistakes. You make mistakes, and that’s the human nature.



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Forgiving to others is a habit. But you need to forgive to yourself first, and be ok with your flaws and don’t resent them. Just let things go.

And once you do, you’ll start connecting more with yourself and others, taking control of your life and everything is happening around you.

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