In this article I want to outline a very important subject that have a breathtaking benefit in all area of our life which is mindfulness. So what is mindfulness and how to practice it? Intriguing question.

According to John Kabat-Zinn professor of Medicine Emeritus :

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.

In other words, mindfulness is being in a state of heightened consciousness of your emotions, thoughts, experiences without making judgements.

A growing body of research has shown that daily practice of mindfulness elevates our psychological state, which reinforce our immune system by an increase number of cells that fight infections.

So, according to the definition above, mindfulness is divided on two parts: awareness, and acceptance.

What is awareness?

Awareness is being in a state where you are can bring all your body sensation in the present moment, and you start noticing all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences you’re having.

Whatever you dwell on will expand, that’s why you have to be aware of what you’re amplifying so you can choose what to focus on.

What is acceptance?

Acceptance means that you have to accept any negative emotions that you are feeling, or some distractive thoughts running in your mind.

Resistance to all of those distractions it’s a losing battle. The more you try to fight them, the more they become stronger, and they start taking power over you.

Observing is the beneficial tool that lead to acceptancy.  When your mind comes up with a negative thoughts or unpleasant emotions, all you have to do is just observing and watching them like a cloud floating in the sky, without making any judgement or getting attached to them.

Mindfulness trains you to handle your negative thoughts and emotions that are attached to them, and that will help you to bring more calmness into your life by disconnecting yourself from the negative feelings that you’re experiencing.

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How can I build my “Mindful muscle”?

A lot of people dispel the process of building your mindful muscle it’s a challenging and time consuming process. But in reality, being mindful will enhance drastically our livings making it filled of positive energy by just increasing our level of awareness.

Mindfulness it’s a skill that you have to develop in a regular basis if you want experience the benefit of it. So practicing it might be a little bit difficult in the first few days, but when you gain some momentum and stick with it, then something magical will happen in your ability to cope with the inner and the outer experiences in your journey with ease.

1.Eat with mindful awareness

 Mindful eating is a one of the powerful ways to develop our awareness muscle.

Often times, after getting in the table, we are scarfing our meals down without paying attention of the kind of foods we’re eating because we get used to it, and what happen is we get lost on our thoughts, doubts that kick in our brain, so we lose connection with our body, and the present moment.

What you can do instead is to:

  • Eat slowly :  One of the exercise to help you eating slowly is to count how many times you chew the food before swallowing. Also it will help you to feel the level of your stomach fullness to know when you stop or not to avoid overeating.
  • Savor each flavor : Another one is to pay attention to how food it tastes when you’re eating, and try to identify the main ingredients in it or how it smells.


We tend to associate meditation to only focusing on the inhale and exhale of our breath. But in an extended definition of it, meditation is our ability to notice with awareness the sensation of our body by using our 5 senses to be in the present moment.

The challenge is when you begin consciously focus on your breath, our brain comes up with thoughts, emotions to distract us, and you have to draw it back smoothly by letting those distractive ideas pass without fighting them or controlling them, and that’s the basic idea of meditation.


Yoga it’s a healing art to help you improve your mindfulness muscle and reconnect your emotions, spirits with your body.

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