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Why we procrastinate?

Probably you’re asking this question why we tend to postpone things that we know that have a great benefit into us.

So, I decided to write this brief article to bring some light to debunk the mystery behind procrastination, to help understand why you’re behave in this way, and what are the solutions to deal with it.



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But before we jump into the subject, you need to understand that procrastination is a natural behavior that all you human being has, regardless how successful they are.

No matter how much things you’ll achieve down the road, procrastination will always chase you, because the number one priority of our brain is safety.

So, let’s delve into the main reasons why we tend procrastination…



The causes of procrastination

One of the main reasons why we procrastination on something is we attach some pain to it, meaning we feel uncomfortable just by thinking about.

The nagging emotions we’re feeling emanate from many causes, but most of them are:

  • Fear: That’s the big one. We project negative pictures in our head, when we want to do something, and that stems from mainly low self-confidence, bad experiences, short on skills.


Furhter Reading: How to overcome fear and be brave


  • The task that you want to do isn’t aligned with your values, and your interests. When you try to push yourself to get things done, they aren’t enjoyable, and that’s how the procrastination sets in.


But no worry, anything has a fix.

In behavioral psychology, all what we do in life is to seek pleasure or the reward, and avoid pain (That’s why we procrastinate).

So, the only play that we have, is the reward part, and this is what I’m going lay out in this next lines.

Believe or not, our human tendency is inclined to underestimate the value of the reward based on its time proximity.


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In other words, the more you delay the reward far ahead in a time spectrum, the more you diminish its value. It’s refers to the present bias. 

Basically, the trick is to shorten the time between the task that is freighting you, and the reward that you want to associate with the task.

When you do an activity that is rewarding, and pleasant, you brain releases dopamine, the good-feeling hormone, and this is why unconsciously we want to do the same activity to get the same feeling.



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How to crush procrastination?

Remember the main component to break free from procrastination, is associating rewards to the task.

First, be clear with activity that you want set as a reward.

Then, the second thing that you would do is to write down the task that you’ve been delaying for a long period time.

Set the timer for 5 minutes, cut the distractions, and do it.

Once the alarm goes off, reward yourself for 5 minutes.

The next step, I want you to add 1 minutes, meaning now you’ll spend 6 minutes doing the task. Then reward yourself for 5 minutes.

And forth…

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